Sinus Treatments

It is good to know how your sinusitis came about. This is a major part of the process of getting to an effective sinus treatment for you. Monitoring your condition also helps in knowing what your body needs in order to heal from its sinus troubles.

Sinusitis can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, nasal blockages and other foreign entities that get stuck in the sinus areas. These different types of causes that lead to the inflammation of the sinuses can make you feel one or more of the following symptoms: facial pain, nasal congestion, excessive mucous secretion, headache, fever, and fatigue.

For sinus problems with related dental issues, sinus treatment includes eradicating the dental disease as well, otherwise the sinusitis will persist.

While experiencing sinus problems and choosing a treatment regimen for your condition, it is very seldom to not think of taking any medication to be rid of your sickly condition. But there are some treatment programs that do not involve any kind of medicine at all.

In most cases of acute sinusitis, symptoms would resolve themselves without medication. There are a number of known natural cures that are readily available around your home to lessen suffering from sinusitis. Running hot water over your face especially the nose area is beneficial for nasal congestion and facial pains. Staying away from mucous thickening foods like dairy, citrus and spicy foods will help in clearing the nasal passages of mucous blockage. Salt water nose rinses and increased fluid intake will help clear the nasal secretions too.

But when the acute episodes recur with incessant regularity, leading to important problems and causing a decrease in quality of life, home cures obviously are not enough. For instance, treatment of acute viral sinusitis consists of taking medication to reduce the fever and aches. Oral or topical decongestants can also be taken to improve breathing.

Chronic conditions may require a more permanent care. Functional surgery is one consideration for severe cases.

Nebulizers are used for different types of sinus problems to apply topical medicated treatment. Sinus Dynamics provides these tools with the option of having Sinus Dynamics take care of everything for your sinus treatment. From doctor referrals to assistance for the nebulizer’s use, and even with handling insurance concerns, Sinus Dynamics can offer all these for you.