How to Shrink Nasal Polyps Naturally with Diet

Nasal polyps are small inflamed growths inside the nose. They are very common so people who have had them know they prevent free breathing and prohibit the sense of smell.

Bad headaches and snoring are also as a result of big growths in the sinus. Nasal polyps occur mostly side by side with asthma, flu, and sinusitis. People with cystic fibrosis are also more prone to getting these bothersome growths. 

How to Shrink Nasal Polyps Naturally with Diet

There are a couple of ways out there to cure nasal polyps such as using nasal steroids spray but if the growths are too big they must be removed by surgery. Lastly, these growths tend to grow back after a while so people with this problem have to deal with it all their lives. Steroid spray and surgery are also not so healthy for any human being so as doctors think of how to cure nasal polyps alternative solutions have been developed organically.

Fortunately, recent discovery shows that these growths can be prevented because they are caused by allergens. The study has gone further to prove that a certain diet can be used to make sure these growths do not occur at all and if they are there they can be reduced to unnoticeable levels. 

Various Ways of How to Shrink Nasal Polyps Naturally with Diet

1. Cayenne Pepper – These contain an ingredient called capsaicin that is guaranteed to reduce the growth of polyps. Cayenne tea is great but one can just spray their nostrils with cayenne water.

2. Pineapples – They have bromelain that help maintain healthy sinus and boost immunity. This enzyme also breaks down nasal polyps.

3. Cod Liver Oil – Natural oils like cod liver, hemp oil, and flax seed oil added on vegetables have fatty acids that cure inflammations.

4. Turmeric – Turmeric heals many ailments and infections and it’s an anti-inflamatory.its great in decongesting and it also reduces swelling.

5. Goldenseal – This is a remedy that has been there for long treating all kinds of infections and stop nasal congestion.

6. Drinks – Have herbal tea daily. The best choices include peppermint, ginger, myrtle, and Echinacea tea. Hot water that has lemon and honey also helps.

7. Onion Types – Eat salads made with red onions and put garlic and ginger in your food and drinks.

Avoiding allergens is also another method used to get rid of nasal polyps naturally with diet. It has been established that there are foods that cause this problem. Here are a few examples;

• Wheat

• Dairy

• Omega-6 fatty acids like corn oil, safflower oil and most of the refined oils.

• Eggs

• Yeast

• Food additives

• Peanuts

This method of avoiding allergens is called elimination. If you don’t know how to get rid of allergens, you must find alternative sources of the nutrients you were getting from these foods. A Paleo diet is the best way to shrink nasal polyps because your immunity will be stronger and you will be in better shape.

A sinusitis infection takes place because of a blockage of bacteria and mucus in the sinus cavity.  This blockage begins when a person has existing inflammation from a cold or allergy which becomes attacked by bacteria, causing more inflammation.  The cilium normally flushes out the bacteria and mucus, but when this inflammation and blockage exists, it cannot do its job and the infection begins. 

Some of the symptoms that one may experience with a sinusitis infection are postnasal drip, cough, congestion, green nasal discharge, and facial pain and pressure.  Some medications that might provoke the sinusitis infection and blockage are topical nasal decongestants and aspirin.

Some of the common treatments of sinusitis and its symptoms are oral medications. Oral medications, such as antibiotics and decongestants, work by traveling through the blood stream to the area where the problem lies.  In the sinus cavities there are very few blood vessels, so it is difficult for an effective amount of medication to be delivered.

Also, oral antibiotics may have side effects in the rest of the body such as stomach pain and urinary tract infections. Sinus surgery is also an option for treatment but sinus surgery is painful, and since they only remove part of the inflammation, the sinusitis infection usually returns.

Drinking a lot of hot water is also recommended for decongestion of nasal cavities. You can add turmeric, lemon, honey, or garlic to make the water more interesting. Eat many fruits that have vitamin c to enhance immunity.