Home Remedies for Sinus Congestion

Sinus remedies – that is, remedies for sinus infections – may vary depending on the type of sinus disease that you may have been diagnosed with. In general, though, sinus remedies involve the administration of antibiotics.

In the case of acute sinus disease, antibiotics are pretty much the only thing that you need to manage the condition – and because antibiotics are very powerful stuff, be sure to discuss your options with your physician – it is very important that the sinus remedies that you employ will not harm you in any way (given that you have a complicated medical history).

Chronic sinus disease, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to manage and as such, the sinus remedies used to treat it may be varied and complex, depending on the underlying cause of the condition.

That being said, it is more than important that the sinus remedies that you employ here are extensively discussed with your doctor, and it is also helpful if you knew and understood all your options. When it’s not so bad, the sinus remedies used on chronic sinus diseases merely require four to eight weeks of antibiotics (acute sinus disease has shorter antibiotic treatment durations). Some cases, however, involve surgery (one or more, depending on the condition) followed by an onslaught of antibiotics.

Effective Natural Home Remedies For Sinusitis

For the longest time now human beings are still searching for sinusitis remedies that could somehow help them get rid of their sinus problems. Even before many individuals have sought the help of natural ingredients for sinus infections that can be found right in your homes. As the world becomes modernized, new discoveries and ideas have emerged and recent technologies have been used to treat sinusitis. Still our folks want natural home remedies for sinusitis to prevent complications from the harsh chemical contents of medicines. If you can only look around what you got at home you can really find interesting, safe and very effective remedies for sinus congestion.

Common Sinusitis Remedies at Home (Herbs and Spices)

1. Cayenne pepper – Studies have shown that cayenne pepper has a number of health benefits if taken on a regular basis such as improving blood circulation, reduces swelling or inflammation and boost immune system of a person. Mix one teaspoon of cayenne into a cup of hot water and drink 2 to 3 cups daily to relieve sinus congestion. Drink plenty of water during the day.

2. Onions – Onions are known as one of the most effective sinusitis remedies because of its antibacterial and anti fungal effects. Prepare onion juice by pounding a handful of spring onions but before application of onion drops be sure to clean your nostrils. Apply 2 to 3 drops of onion juice using an eye dropper 2 to 3 times a day until your sinus congestion subsides.

3. Garlic – Garlic contains active ingredients allicin which can serve as effective sinus relief. If you hated the taste and smell of garlic and you cannot afford to eat one, might as well prepare garlic juice daily. First is you have to crush one whole bulb of garlic, prepare a 1:2 mixture of garlic and water. For every glass of garlic juice mix it with 2 glasses of water to get rid of strong odor and flavor in a tightly closed container. Place garlic juice in a dropper for easier application. Lie down, apply 2 to 3 drops of garlic juice to both nostrils at least two times a day. You may continue to do so until sinus infection gets healed. You can also prepare a garlic paste with the juice that you have prepared by mixing it with honey.

4. Thyme – Thyme has been one of the long time sinusitis remedies used by our grand parents. For generations now the herb thyme was used for respiratory infections because of its great healing effects. Thyme is a natural drying herb for the body and because of its strong antiseptic effects it can soothe your nostrils effectively. Mix 1 to 2 teaspoon of thyme powder in a glass of hot water. Drink as many cups of thyme mixture during the day until you are healed of your sinus congestion.

5. Peppermint – One of the most popular sinusitis remedies now is using peppermint. If you want to experience sinus relief you can get a handful of peppermint, mix it with one cup of salt then pour the mixture in a cup of hot water. Start breathing now with your nostrils one at a time.

While there are still other natural sinusitis remedies it is also recommended to seek medical advice from your health practitioner. Whatever method you choose for to relieve your sinus congestion, living a healthy lifestyle is still the best option you can have to avoid diseases in the future.

By improving your lifestyle, you are not only freeing yourself from sinusitis but also creating a good defense mechanism in your body to combat stress and other health complications brought by unhealthy food choices and stress. Protect yourself from sinusitis by choosing the right type of food, engaging in physical fitness and avoiding too much stress.